Saturday, March 31, 2007

Panthers Ironman Australia Triathlon ...

I realy enjoy the feature to watch the race online! It is so much fun and the service is getting better, I think!

At the moment there is the Panthers Ironman Australia Triathlon online. We will see who get the honor to win the race in 2007!
Let me guess at racetime 7:03 --- Women: Lisa Bentley and Man: Patrick VERNAY!

Lets see in a few hours.
HAPPY training --- ALOHA Kjell

Friday, March 30, 2007

Thanks to Hubert and Dennis ...

Well, I´m not saying anything to loud, but that´s to Hubert Hammerl - the Ironator and to Dennis Wachter - projekt-triathlon for their advises. I had flats over and over, but after I used some new things and followed Huberts advise, cleaning the tires after every ride for little rocks, I´m clean. But like I said, I´m not saying anything to loud. Tomorrow I´m back on my bike.
It worked for a couple of weeks and at least that didn´t cost much energy. Only the thousands of little Schumachers on the road here. Sometimes it can be sooo scarry to be on a small bike and a car/truck/motorbike is racing you. Because this person maybe think it is fun. No it is not, it is stupid (sorry). One day a guy on his scooter hit my on my "lower back/ass". Just for fun I guess and he gave me the - "wasn´t it fun" - look! NO A...!

Anyways, training is mostly fun.
ALOHA --- Kjell

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ironman Malaysia on YOUTUBE

Emmes found another Ironman Malaysia trailer on YOUTUBE.
You might wanna check it: Ironman Langkawi 2007
... I like my trailer better: IRONMAN MALAYSIA

... and I like this one from the Ironman Founders!
"Maybe not as fast as the person in front of you but certainly fastest that the person who never started."
ALOHA --- Kjell

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pic from back home ...

My little sister is doing well with her horse "Hansa". I never saw her horse in real, just in pics.

Some more pics about the place where Hansa is located - Koppelgemeinschaft Vielohwisch.

Sinje enjoy your "horseback riding day" --- ALOHA Kjell

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

... stay on track ...

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."
[Will Rogers]

Thanks Sandy for this quote
ALOHA --- Kjell

Monday, March 26, 2007

... more than a month ago ...

Wow, the Ironman Malaysia happened more than a month ago. The time is flying. Hope everyone is beeing back on track. I´m - allmost;-)
Did you check the great Pic Gallery on ? You should!

... and there allready 12 Ironman registered for the Ironman Malaysia 2008.

... I´m relaxing today. ALOHA

Have a great day --- Kjell

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Message in a bottle ...

I found this sentence in a bathroom in Penticton Canada a while ago and I like it:
>>To Achieve The Possible, We Must Attempt The Impossible!<<
And this pic I made on a wonderfull beach some weeks ago. I call it "message in a bottle". My message for this day: "Every finisher is a winner!" and finishing your good quality training-sessions gets you closer, to become a winner again. ... or more?!!!
Have a great day and lots of fun --- ALOHA Kjell

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sandy is running, running and fast ...

Morning, I just came back from an early intervall run. Started hard, but turned out to be a fun session. Yes, thats the trainingfeeling I want. After my shower, I checked my mails and got this from my very good friend Sandy (Hey Sandy hope its OK, but I think that is so great): "I continue for the 2nd year of the DC National (Wirefly) Marathon/Half Marathon to be the winner of my age group in the half with a chip time of 2:08:36. They are showing a gun time of 2:10:16 for the winning time. This year there were two more ladies so I was 1/5. That was better than 1/3 :-) --- Cheers, Sandy"
[That is Sandy and me last year at the finish, after the NY City Marathon. I paced Sandy.]
Sandy enjoy your victory and have a great day --- Kjell

Friday, March 23, 2007

Train with your head and race with your heart ...

I´m back in my training routine, but not feeling to well with it. Missing some power and I don´t know where I lost it. In my last long bikeride this sentence came in my mind and I think it is not to bad:
"Train with your head and race with your heart!"

It reminded me on the articel from Dr. S. Kräftner (Biestmilch): "Die Leistungsgrenze liegt nicht im Muskel, der Schrittmacher sitzt im Gehirn [Biestblog]". I know it is a different suspect, but I think we put to much sience in our training and racing, but not enough mind. That is a theorie I think could be the right way for me to do, but on the other hand we/I fixed in this routine. And honestly when I do my days of, after the race and during the time my mom where here on Langkawi, I missed the training-routine. So I thought what do you want? Training-routine or no routine? Well kind of both! But how does that work. Getting my trainingschedule from my great Coach Peter Sauerland (Sauerland-Team) and trying to put changes in the everyday training, without beeing to fixed on numbers.
Honestly I´m writing right now what comes in my mind, so this is no study or so. I mind think totaly different tomorrow, so don´t get me wrong.
The only person I´m kind of jealous (in a good way!) is Petr Vabrousek. If my body where able to do his schedule, that would be just fantastic. And he is not just racing allot, he is fast (still improving - just did a PB in his Ironman Marathon - 2:43:57h!!!) and a great guy! Have a great day in Arizona (just 3 weeks to go) - Petr!

[me and Petr two days after the Ironman Japan 2006.]

ALOHA --- Kjell

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Getting organized ... I try ;-)

Well I think, I´m not to bad in getting organized. Believe me. beeing on this trip and haven´t done all my organisation, gives me a hard time. The thing is I couldn´t prepair everything before I left germany (first week of January). Some airlines do not let you book tickets month ahead or I wasn´t registered for all races and so on. Now a couple of weeks before leaving Langkawi for Japan and then the US, I try to fix most things.
I guess some big names in the sport have their team and I´m quite happy to be able to do all this, so I learn allot. But sometimes it is frustrating.
Here have a look on my to do´s:
  • Meeting Mr. Tanaka in Tokyo to get my Airtickets flying to Miyakojima
  • Have no fixed Homestay or Hotel for the whole time on Miyakojima
  • Try to coordinate the new Racesuite and prints with Dennis (see below)
  • Getting my new Racesuite from Dennis Wachter (Tricomponents) - racing in Japan aswell
  • Try to fix my schedule for the US and register for the races (including the trip and accomodation) - would love to do an XTERRA and an Half ;-)
  • Buy a Airticket for the trip to the Ironman CDA
  • Book a hotel/motel or just a place to stay for some days in CDA (Idaho)
  • Keeping my sponsors, friends, coach and off course my family updated
  • Have an eye on the secound half of the year for races and things to do

... and of course my daily training and don´t forget I do not stay in a hotel ;-)

... overall I think I pretty lucky. Some athlet post as a dream on their webside, travel the world. I guess thats what I kind of do right now. I just do the low low cost version. But that helps me a tone for the future. Thanks to everyone who makes this possible and support me!

Have a wonderfull day, I have a recouveryday. ALOHA --- Kjell

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Coach Peter ...

My Coach Peter (Sauerland-Team) is managing his training camp in Spain with plenty of Athlets. It sounds they are doing well, even the temperatures are not to good. The Club Font de sa Cala is allways a fun place to be. But this year without me. I miss the team and the atmosphere a little bit, but the weather I don´t.

Good luck with the training and try to keep the stress limited!

ALOHA --- Kjell

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Great pic I think ...

[I made this pic at Laman Padi - Rice Museum - I love it and you can put allot into it! Just think about it!]

ALOHA --- Kjell

"Leistungsgrenze" - checken ...

Diesen Artikel von Dr. S. Kräftner - BIESTMILCH - sollte man gelesen haben!

Happy Training --- Kjell

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ironman South Africa ...

CONGRATS to Petr for another great performance this year. Three weeks ago he finished 7th in the Ironman Malaysia and yesterday he finished 4th in the Ironman South Africa.

Have a great week --- Kjell

KL Halfmarathon ...

Today I ran the Kuala Lumpur Halfmarathon. The startingtime was 6:00am and it was still pitch black outside. There had been a couple hundret starters and the athmosphere was quite new to me. Ironman start at 7am, but 6am? Oh and the full Marathon started at 4:30am - can you imagine.
The hilly course and little training after the Ironman (3weeks ago) and the fact I just got 100Plus to drink ended in some "pitstops". I was a afraid to drink the tapwater.
Well, I fininaly did a 1:25,10h - place 25 overall and 23 in my categorie. For this trainingrace I´m ok with that.

For U dad --- Kjell

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Thanks to Lyn ...

We (Emmes and me) had a long Bus trip to Kuala Lumpur. It was a little adventure and some fun too. But by fare not the right preperation for a race next day. The overnight bustour, little sleep and a great citytour today made me feel like I raced allready.
Lyn S. helped us with all her power this weekend. THANK YOU SO much! She found the hotel, showed us the City and arranged all the fun meetings, we had. Allthough thanks to Rahjis, Shereena and Nathalie.
I like KL allot.
ALOHA --- Kjell

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hamburg City Man ...

Today I received my OK for the start at the Hamburg City Man World Championships. Well not qualification like for the Ironman Hawaii, but there was a big response for the race and I heard not so easy to get in.
Have a great day --- Kjell

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Have a look ...

PART 1 (Japanese Ironman Articel with me ...)
Thanks to Dennis W. from Tricomponents.
ALOHA --- Kjell

One day in Paradies ...

My mom and me did the Daycruise with the Crystal Yacht Holidays. It was a day in Paradies, with wild life, great food, a wonderfull beach, sailing and lots of fun. Thanks Mom for that day, I know you enjoyed you last whole day allot. Have a safe trip home tomorrow.
All the best --- Kjell

Monday, March 12, 2007

ASI PHOTOS from the Ironman Malaysia are online ...

Have a look at the pictures from ASI PHOTO EUROPE:
And here are some more pictures. These are from
Have a great day --- Kjell

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Great people worldwide - Ironman, races ...

Great people worldwide - Ironman, races ...! Another trailer I did a couple of days ago:
Have a great day --- Kjell

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Snake Sanctuary ...

We visited the Snack Sanctuary yesterday. That was impressiv and the tour gave us an idea about the Snake´s of Malaysia.Me with a snake on my shoulders. Honestly I´m scarred, but I look more scarred than I was ...The king cobra, 3 meters ...
A tree snake baby ...
Another cobra, taking the picture face to camera ...
Have a "snake free" day, all the best --- Kjell

Friday, March 09, 2007

Sunset on the Gunung Mat Cincang ...

Me and my mom on the top of the Gunung Mat Cincang ! It was a fun day with a nice sunset end and a great dinner.

Happy training --- Kjell

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Like this articel about Cameron Brown ...

I just read the articel on Ironmanlive "Mental as Anything" and it is about Cameron Brown, the six time champion and his mental way on raceday. This articel tells allot about Ironman racing and the real limiter - "your mind"! Athlets have so many up and downs during a race (useally) and thats the "art of racing" to keep doing what you have to do - RACE the distance. Every athlet has a different strategie, but at the end it´s all about getting through this fun-day.

But don´t forget, keep training --- Kjell

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mom arrived on Langkawi ...

So we finaly got everything done and organized. My mom made it and arrived on time yesterday on Langkawi. She was tired you could tell, but happy too!
For Dinner we went to the BoomBoom Corner here. Great food!
We will see what we do the next days!
Have a great one --- Kjell

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Biest-Gang Trailer (fun-fiction) ...

I did it again and spend some time on the computer. The reason, I have to be carefull not training to much allready. I´m motivated (big time), but my body is telling slow down. But that is the hardest part for me.
So see one of my result, keeping myself in a chair and not on my bike [CEEPO]:
[I´m a Biest-Gang member and it is fun and with the Biestmilch I have a very good feeling. You schould check their webside: BIESTMILCH ]
Have a great day --- Kjell

Monday, March 05, 2007

Taking care of the bike ...

I had quite some trouble with my bike the weeks before the Ironman race. Honestly it is not my favourite thing to work on the bike and clean it every day. Not that I don´t like my bike, it is great - my CEEPO Killer! The thing is, I just prefer to be on the bike not beside cleaning or repairing it.
But than Dennis Wachter [Ceepo Europe] you should take care of your bike and he showed me some things, thanks for that. During the raceweek Hubert Hammerl [Ironator] said to me: "Kjell, those things like punctures or other trouble mainly happens to people, who do not take care of their bike proper! You should do it ...!" So he told me some more tricks and I follow them , since then.
THANKS to you guys and I keep on doing it, because it cost more nervs to be out there with trouble, than pushing myself to a frequent "bike-wash" or "tech-check"!

Happy cleaning --- Kjell

Trip to Hat Yai ...

I went to Hat Yai (Thailand) yesterday, by ferry, taxi and bus. It was a fun one 2 day trip. Walking arround Hat Yai at night to do some shopping was fun too. The little training and things like this trip get me ready mentaly for the next training-period. Strongman Japan is the next big goal race and I´m allready looking in foward to. But first I need to do some more work and maybe some short races to get more speed and freshness in - mentaly!
Here have a look on Hat Yai:

Have a good rest --- Kjell

Saturday, March 03, 2007

A little Trip ...

After a bite of Training, we started for a oneday trip.
Will befun, to do something beside training, just relaxing and computer;-)
Another Pic from the race last weekend: I want "COKE AND WATER"
ALOHA --- Kjell

Friday, March 02, 2007

RACEIMPRESSIONS from Ironman Malaysia ...

Watch my Raceimpressions from the Ironman Malaysia 2007. It happend a week ago and it was a great time!
Enjoy and have a great day --- Kjell

Registered for Coeur d'Alene, Idaho ...

With new motivation, but I still keeping it easy. I registered for the next Ironman: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho!
Here is a nice pic from the 6 days ago:

Happy running --- Kjell