Thursday, May 31, 2007

0:5 lost ...

Last night I went to another Baseball game. The Washington Nationals played the LA Dogers.
I was fun to go, but the Nats lost 5:0.

Have a fun day. ALOHA Kjell

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

IRONHAMBURGER ... or Hamburgers

All about Hamburgers(to eat)!

"A hamburger (or simply burger) is a sandwich that consists of a cooked patty of ground meat that is fried, steamed, grilled, or broiled, and is generally served with various condiments and toppings inside a sliced bun baked specially for this purpose. Hamburgers are often served with french fries, potato chips, or onion rings."

"The word "Hamburger" comes from Hamburg, Germany; the inhabitants of this city are also known as "Hamburger" in German but as Hamburgians in English. In Germany, local traditional snacks are often named after the place of origin, like the Frankfurter (also known as a hotdog), the Berliner (a type of doughnut) or (Thüringer) Bratwurst. In Hamburg it was common to put a piece of roast pork into a roll, called Rundstück warm, although this is missing the "essence" of the modern hamburger, which is ground meat. However, another theory states that in Hamburg, meatscraps similar to modern ground beef were served on a Brötchen, a round bun-shaped piece of bread. It is said that German immigrants then took the Hamburger to the United States."

Once an a while I like to have one:
Happy eating. ALOHA --- Kjell

Fruehling in der Biest-World

Hier in Washington genauso wie zu Hause in Hamburg ist der Fruehling weitestgehend ueberwunden. Mit Ueberwunden meine ich hauptsaechlich, die Nebenwirkungen wie Pollenflug, die der liebe Fruehling mit sich bringt. Schaut mal in den Biest Blog, dort gibt es mal wieder einen Rossbad Comic (

Einen wunderbaren Tag.
ALOHA --- Kjell

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day ...

Today is: "Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday that is observed on the last Monday of May (observed this year on 2007-05-28). It was formerly known as Decoration Day. This holiday commemorates U.S. men and women who have died in military service to their country. It began first to honor Union soldiers who died during the American Civil War. After World War I, it expanded to include those who died in any war or military action. One of the longest standing traditions is the running of the Indianapolis 500, which has been held in conjunction with Memorial Day since 1911. ..." [source: Wikipedia]


Saturday, May 26, 2007


I just came back from my morning run and checked the Webside for the Ironman Brazil update. Olaf Sabatschus, a Biest-Gang Member like me and a great athlet/person is going for his 3rd victory, after figthing his chancer last year.
Olaf, I hope you have a good day out there and all the best.
ALOHA --- Kjell

200km on my bike

Today I send most of the time on my bike. I had to do one of my keysessions. The 200km bikeride was on. I rode on route 1 passed Fredericksburg. The weather way beautiful and the tarffic wasn´t to bad. Probably, because most are on the beach or somewhere out in the country. Just some (quite allot) biker are in the road and showing their bikes and crusing arround. I did so to, but I used my mucsels for speed.
Still love my CEEPO TT Killer:

Have a great day. ALOHA --- Kjell

Thursday, May 24, 2007

You Might Die Trying ...

Heard this during my training today and it was just a great thing to listen to:
"To change the world,
Start with one step.
However small,The first step is hardest of all.
Once you get your gate,
You will walk in tall.
You said you never did,
Cause you might die trying,
Cause you might die trying.
Cause you---"
[Dave Matthews Band > You Might Die Trying]

ALOHA --- Kjell

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Spring Sing at THE HIGHSCHOOL ...

After my long day at different doctors, I went to Ali (my cousine) Highschool for the Spring Sing. Her Highschool the Episcopal High School is compare to our standarts a different world. Allways, when I go to see an Event there I´m impressed!
And the Spring Sing was so much fun. Everyone did a great job. Ali had a solo! Well done ALI!!!
For the last weeks lots of power: >>We´ve got two lives, the one we`re given and the one we make.<< [Kobi Yamada]
Have a great day. ALOHA --- Kjell

Root canal treatment ...

What a nice surprise. I had some problems with my tooth for a couple days. Dr. Skopp, my ART Doctor, gave organized me an appointment. So I went and finaly it turned out to be a big part of tooth was realy bad. So they sended me to an specilist for a root canal treatment. And lucky me, all on one day. Hope that was the reight decission, because I had to do it from on secound to another. On the other hand no choise.
So they did it. Here is and illustration what they did yesterday in my mouth:
[found this illustration on Wikipedia]
For all of you, have a great day and enjoy your solid food.
ALOHA --- Kjell

Fun thing ...

I found this M&M webside and played a liitle while. If you expect something serious, not today in my Blog, Sorry. And here are some of my samples:

If you find yourself, great. I personalized some friends and family.

Have a fun day - ALOHA --- Kjell

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mount Vernon Farmers Market

Today I went to the local Mount Vernon Farmers Market. I just got some nice apples and loced arround. It was fun and relaxing.
Happy shopping. ALOHA --- Kjell

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Quote on my Coffee-Cup ...

I like quotes allot. And I found this one on my Coffee-Cup today:

And building could mean: >>go for something<<. It is true, visualizing is a big part of our preparation and this quote is so true. Go for --- Kjell

Woodlawn Staples, Training and ALDI ...

I felt tired, but I had a long session (90kbike+20krun) on my "to do list". To bad that I missed the Tournament at the Woodlawn Stables. My cousine Ali participated within this tournament and mad a 2nd and 5th place. CONGRATUALTIONS!!! Here is a picture I did last year, when Ali had a riding lesson, well done:
And in the evening I went with Deb to do some Lumber-shopping for a garden project. But looked in four store without any success. But after seeing the addpaper from ALDI (germany company) we passed a store and Deb took a picture:

It´s not a big deal, I just think it´s funny.

Have a great start in the week, but first enjoy the Sunday night. ALOHA --- Kjell

Saturday, May 19, 2007


I enjoy riding my Ceepo TT Killer. And Mr. Tanaka (Ceepo Japan and founder) just post an ad in the Japanese Triathlon Magazin:

For the CEEPO Germany check: CEEPO.

Happy training --- Kjell

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ball game ...

That was fun. Yesterday I went to a Ball-game. The Washington Nationals where playing the Atlanta Braves. Bob a running friend took me to the game, Thanks! I had allot of fun, but I had to ask quite a few questions. Well Baseball is not so big in Germany.

By the way, my training is doing well and I´m pushing hard for the Ironman Coeur d'Alene.

Keep you all updated. Have a great day, ALOHA --- Kjell

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Route-creator in the US ...

This is a great tool for creating new routs in your area. There are differenr options and you can just follow the roads you wanna run on and know the distance and elevation. It´s easy and fun, so you might wanna try: ROUTE-CREATER by the USATF.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

German Chocolate Cake ...

I got this surprise a couple of times and the name of this cake is confusing. So finaly I did some Online reserce and found this about the German Chocolate Cake:
>> But it has an interesting history. A recipe for "German's Chocolate Cake" first appeared in a Dallas, Texas newspaper in 1957.That it was sent in by a Dallas homemaker is all we know.....
According to Patricia Riso, a spokeswomen for Kraft foods . It used a brand of chocolate bar called "German's" which had been developed in 1852, by an Englishman named Sam German, for Baker's Chocolate Company.
The cake had an immediate and enthusiastic response, and requests about where to find the German's chocolate bar were so numerous that General Foods (who owned Baker's Chocolate) decided to send pictures of the cake to newspapers all around the country.Everywhere the recipe had the same response and the sales for the chocolate exploded.
Now the cake is a regular item in bakeries across the country, anda mix is on the grocery shelves also. It was my favorite cake when I was growing up and I requested it for my birthday every year.The cake most likely didn't originate from this Dallas housewife.Buttermilk chocolate cakes have been popular in the south forover 70 years, and Pecans are plentiful in the area also, to make the nice frosting. German's chocolate is similar to a milk chocolate and sweeter than regular baking chocolate.<<
... and the recepi: GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE !

Rocky Steps ...

On the way back from Canada we stop in Philadelphia and stayed at Lorie´s place (a good friend of Sandy). Thank you Lorie!
For dinner we went to a great Seafood-place and the next morning I did a city run and explored Philadelphia. I had two main goals. One was the independance hall and the other the Rocky Steps.

ALOHA --- Kjell

Monday, May 14, 2007

Great training in Canada ...

The biketraining in Canada was great. I loved the country-side and the quite roads.

Sinje (my sister) see what I found during my biketraining in Ontario Canada! What fun;-)

Happy training and ALOHA --- Kjell

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Forest City Road Races - the Marathon

The Marathon within the Forest City Road Races Event was on the todays schedule. Sandy my running friend from Alexandria had a big goal. The Boston Quali in her AgeGroup. And what happend, well we - sorry she - did it by 6 Minutes. Fantastic Sandy. Her time was 4:25:55.6h and she won her Agegroup easily. CONGRATULATIONS SANDY!!!

And Diane and her running-friend Pina (her first Marathon!) ran together and looked fantastic during&after the race. Well done!!! Sandy and I stayed at Jim and Diane's house and we had a great time. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the hospitality. They life in a beautiful house and a great area. I loved the bikerides, even it was a little chilly;-)All the best for the three of you!

.... and HAPPY MOTHERDAY to all the mom's but specialy to my MOM!

ALOHA --- Kjell

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Temp-drop ...

Oh boy, what a temperatur drop today. Yesterday it was nice and sunny + warm!!! Today it was windy, a little rainy and cold, GRRR. But the training was allright. I did 125k and a hard 2k run. So a good and mostly fun session.
And we are getting ready for the Marathon tomorrow. The race will be held in London (ON-Canada). Hope I can pace Sandy to her big goal, the Boston Quali.
HAPPY FEET for tomorrow.
ALOHA --- Kjell

Friday, May 11, 2007

Great bikeride ...

WOW the area here in and arround London is fantastic. I did my first long bikeride after the Strongman (Long means 165km). It was allot of fun. But I have to get used to, that out in the countryside, there are not allways store or shops where you can get a drink. I totaly ran out of water one point.
... the most fun and great sprint I had at one farm, where two dogs tried to get me. The just secured their property. And they did a great job. They scared me!!!
Tomorrow more km's on the bike and please no dogs;-)
ALOHA --- Kjell

Thursday, May 10, 2007

On the road to canada ...

We did it. The big trip from Alexandria (Virginia) to London (Ontario Canada).
- hundrets of miles (close to 700Miles)
- trouble with on tire (we got it fixed)
- a nice movie on the road (thanks to Sandys DVD player)
- lots of snacks
and of course going into Canada. But I do not get a stamp in my passport. To bad!

... now I'm getting readz for some wonderfull bikerides.
But first a great nightsleep.
ALOHA --- Kjell

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

bonds are gone ...

I know for some it sounds stupid, but I was still wearing the Ironman Hawaii (2006) wristband until now. The good recouvery and fun sessions made me ready for the next training-period. And now this. Just starting in my Ironman-period and I lost the wristband.

The bonds are left behind now and I can start back again. Beeing fresh in your head is the key and I´m right in a refreshment tretment.

HAPPY TRAINING ... and leave your bonds behind. ALOHA --- Kjell


I enjoy some real (no "fast") food here with my family and friends. The trainings is doing well and today we had a fantastic day for biking. Talking to my Coach Peter helped aswell, so overall I had a great day and I´m ready for the hard training. Plus some more good food!

ALOHA --- Kjell

Sunday, May 06, 2007

My old Highschool GYM. OHMOOR

During my great workout this morning, I had to think about my highschool-time. I enjoyed most of the time (what is probably unusall). Anyway, this year is my 10th aniversary after graduation from my GYMNASIUM OHMOOR.
I hope the class of 1997 will come together this year!
ALOHA and happy training --- Kjell

Race for Hope ... Brain Tumor Society 5K

Did a nice start in my training for the Ironman CDA. And my first experience in a charity Event like this. I like the idea of combining Sport and charity. So I raced within the Race for Hope ... Brain Tumor Society 5K race and placed 5h overall and won my agegroup. But I had a hard time to push myself, just two weeks after the Strongman.
And I ran for REVOLUTION Health team a revolutionaries company you might wanna check!
I hope you all are fine and have a great day.
ALOHA --- Kjell

Saturday, May 05, 2007

STRONGMAN Trailer ...

Watch my little Strongman Trailer:
Have fun and ALOHA

Friday, May 04, 2007


I just found this product in a big grocery chain and I had to think about my support ("Ironhamburger Helpers"). I wanted to thank everyone who is involed to make possible what I do at the moment. That is a special situation and I´m so happy to be able to do what I do at the moment. Hope all the relationships will stay healthy and we work for a long time together. And for all who are interessted to become a Hamburger Helper, go for (send me an E-Mail) - we will have fun a success!
HAPPY FEET --- Kjell

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Running on Belle Haven ...

Today I got up again at 5am. Sandy and I went to the Belle Haven Country Club, where we (I did my own pace) ran for 50 Minutes. It was just fantastic. The sunrise plus this place is just very special. I´m so lucky to have these training-spots and all the wonderfull friends and family arround. And my main training is not even started. I´m starting to look in forward to get back to training. But first my bike has to get fixed. There are some things messed up, because of all the traveling, training and racing. No wonder! BUT I LOVE MY KILLER (CEEPO).
ALOHA --- Kjell

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

my HAMBURG ...

I surfed online about Hamburg. And see what I found: HAMBURG-TRAILER!

Hamburg is a great place, everyone should come ... and visite me (if I´m there;-) !!!

ALOHA --- Kjell

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Back in Alexandria, ...

Oh, boy that was a long (12h Tokyo-Washington DC) flight and I there are airlines with better service (friendlyness, comfort and footservice). Well I made it and had my last little treatment, before starting the base for Ironman CDA in 7 weeks. A Hamburger for the IronHamburger:

Hope everyone is fine and I can tell that saying goodbye frequently is not easy at all. There are so many new friends I miss ...

See you all soon - ALOHA --- Kjell