Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wonderfull people ...

I meet so many nice people during the Ironmanweek. And I´m so happy to be able to do, what I do right now. It´s not the recouvery week, I mean the whole thing: Traveling, meeting people, learn so much about different cultures/food/people/nature... and of course growing as an Athlete! The race was OK and I´m happy with my result, even I expected some different numbers at the end;-)
I just wanted to thank you all for beeing there, supporting me personal/as a part of the IM-Malaysia Team and all the other participants. We all did it and everyone (Volunteers, Racedirector, Teammembers, Ironman, ...) finished his/her Ironman that day. So let us relax now and enjoy! I do so and still on Langkawi, YES!

Check this great Mail from Francisco "Doc Kit" Navarro [extribe]:"It is good to hear you are recovering from your race. I know you did well! I personally must have shouted "Iron Hamburger!" so many times ? and at so fast intervals every loops! My fellow support crew had to ask me several times what I meant by shouting "Hamburger!" They thought I was just hungry." - love that ;-)

All the best to everyone and I´m allway happy to get response from you ...
ALOHA --- Kjell

Thanks to DIECREATIVEN ...

Thanks to the DIECREATIVEN Team. They work hard on my new webside:

The webside will be great and I let you know when it´s ready! Should be very soon, so stay tuned ...

ALOHA --- Kjell

Monday, February 26, 2007

My Finish Pic ...

That´s me finishing the Ironman Malaysia three days ago. Thanks to Emmes for all the hours of work: before, during and after!

[9:48h - 16th place in the Procategory and 24th overall]


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Days after the race ...

The Awardsparty was nice and the food was good. Afterwards we joined the beer party and it was OK. I´m leaving the racehotel today to go back to Emmes place. Here are some pics from arround raceday. But my racerepord and pictures are still in progress. Sorry!
All the best --- Kjell

Saturday, February 24, 2007

DID IT ...

That was a hard day on Langkawi. I love the heat, but the sunpower was brutal on racedays. I´m OK with my result (9:48h - 16th pro and 24th overall), even my numbers are a little different, to what I expected. But that is OK. My friend Emmes took over 1000 Pictures. I will post some within the next days.
A articel about the race on: IRONMANLIVE

So now I´m looking in forward to recouver, do some touristy things and start to get ready for my next race in Japan.

My racereport from my first Pro Race isn´t ready yet. But I try to fix that the next days.

All the best and thanks to your support --- Kjell

Friday, February 23, 2007

ONLINE LIVETRACK during the race ...

So this morning 7:+ am we started with an ocean swim the Ironman Malaysia 2007. There are about 700 Athletes on the course and fight against the new course and the more important and energy killing heat+sun! The bike is much more hilly than the last year and on the run everyone will have the feeling to run in a "oven".

So you might wanna check online. I hope the livetrack is working on IRONMANLIVE!
I would be happy to ready some posts on my BLOG and all of your are chearing for me;-)

For all who are not racing, have a fun and lazy day, we work for you!
ALOHA --- Kjell

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Carboloading last night was fun ...

The Carboloading was fun even it rained a little bite. But who cares. The support and hospitality is great and it is fun to be back. Here my little fan-Club ;-)

THANKS to all the volunteers of the Ironman Malaysia in the race you do a great job!

THANKS to all my supporterst and sponsors who made my racing possible!

ALL THE BEST --- Kjell

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Pre Race rules ...

So two days to go and the pre race maschine is working.
That means:
  • getting a little nervous
  • having fun talking about the bad preperation ;-)
  • checking the media response (national and international)
  • ... try to have fun with the other crazy guys!

I found some more online: 3athlon, tri2b, openPR, OHIOPress-Release - it´s great!

... but why I get nervous? That will be a hard workday with a fantastic finish on Saturday. I have a very good feeling.

Please send me (number 23) some extrapower - THANKS --- Kjell

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Beeing in the Malaysian Press

The race ist getting closer and I´m in the press (NEW STRAITS TIMES):

HAVE a great day ---

Monday, February 19, 2007

openPR, RaceNumber and moving to Kuah ...

... check the latest pressrelease online: OPENPR !

... I got a nice racenumber: 23 (out of 26 Pro in the race)!

... and I´m moving from the beautiful Pantai Cenang to Kuah. My new place to stay, will be the Langkawi Seaview.

Just less than four days to go.
Best regards --- Kjell

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Starting the raceweek ...

EVENT DATE : 24 February 2007Source: [Ironman Malaysia]
Have a safe training day --- Kjell


Yesterday we got invited to a wedding today. So after my little workout in the morning I went for my massage and got ready for the wedding.
My friend Emmes said it is quite normal that everyone gets invited. But beeing on a wedding from someone I don´t know feeled strainge - honestly!
Here are some pics:

All the best --- Kjell

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Found this about CHINESE NEW YEAR ON EMMES.NET: "This is a joyous time when friends and relatives give each other "angpows" - red packets with a gift of cash as a token of prosperity and celebrate with feasts and lion dances to ward off evil spirits and usher in the lunar new year. Family reunion dinners are a must among Chinese on the eve of the new year."

It is today!
Have a great Chinese New Year --- Kjell

Friday, February 16, 2007

VOTE for me PLEASE ...

BIESTMILCH is having a fun competition and I try to win ;-) You see me work and I would be super happy if you vote for my fantastic Biest-picture - your for me here (please vote for the IronHamburger - Kjell)! ... or you might participate aswell!
Happy drawing --- Kjell

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Main work is done ... THANKS

The main work is done and I´m Tapering now! I have a good feeling about the training for the Ironman Malaysia [24.02.2007].
The support from some people here is amaizing.
First of all thanks to Emmes!
Thanks to Paul, who made the trip possible!
Thanks to my Mom, who helped me getting ready and during my stay here with all kinds of things!
Thanks to projekt-triathlon, ordering some bikeequipment in a hurry!
Thanks to Andre, bringing some important things from Hamburg, because he is racing, too!
Thanks for all the E-Mails sending me wonderfull messages and wishes!

All the best and please stay tuned --- your Kjell

Sunset ...

The sunset here is often realy pretty and if you are in special locations, it can be breathtaking like on the picture.
Have a great day and enjoy --- Kjell

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Coming to Langkawi - TAXI ...

Dear Ironman,
coming to Langkawi. Check out the Taxi prices:
english -
german -
... or you just ride your bike to the hotel ;-) ... or run? It´s put to you.
The distances are not to bad here on Langkawi, so no problem with overtraining.

Have a safe trip and get your money changed at the airport. I think you get the best rates there!
All the best --- Kjell

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Great people here ...

I´m on Langkawi for a couple of weeks allready. And I did allot of training and recouvery. But I did not spend to much time getting arround the Island. To bad, but thats on the schedule for after the race and when my Mom is coming in March.
But I go frequently to get a massage from Caka a Lady, who is doing bloodcirculation massages. She is great and I´m getting invloved in everything, when I´m there.

Sometimes I ask where to get fruites or so and they are not telling me they are getting the things for me. See the pic, they are picing a Papaya for me, from their garden. I wanted to give the money, but they said: "No no, it is from our garden, why should you pay?!" Great family!

But sometimes you have to be carefull as a tourist. Some people try to charge double, when you are a tourist. So allways keep the prices in mind and compare, when you are here.

Today is my day off and the main work (thousends of training kilometers!!!) is done. I feel great and the weather is heating up. Please --- More More ;-)

Have a great day and for all who come here, have a safe trip --- Kjell

Monday, February 12, 2007

My YOUTUBE account is getting bigger. Have a look!

ALOHA --- Kjell

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Getting arround on Langkawi is not to easy and finding a place to stay during the Ironman week even more challenging. The reason is Chinese New Year. So most Hotels on Langkawi are booked or on the limit. If you do not have a place to stay, hurry up!!!

And you should check out some things beside training and racing here:
THE SQUID CHALLENGE 2007 --- Was so much fun!
... Ironman race pictures from last year --- Was kind of fun, too!

Have a great day --- Kjell

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Love this one ...

I love this trailer about Ironman. It is a challenge for everyone and each race is special!
Let´s keep training and stay healthy.
ALOHA --- Kjell

Friday, February 09, 2007

Two weeks to go and ...

To all Ironman!
Just two weeks to go and hope the main training is done. I´m done and happy about my day off today. The next two weeks I will do my focused Tapering. For the race in two weeks I´m extremly optimistic, but the new course will be a big challenge for everyone. The conditions and the much harder bikesection will end in allot of walking on the run part! I´m sure.
So hopefully everyone is coming safely to Langkawi and if you need help, I might can help?! But be awair, that during the raceweek we have Chinese New Year! So the Island will be packed!!!

All the best from Langkawi!
ALOHA --- Kjell

Catching Squid - new and fun ...

Yesterday they started a Squid catching festival here on Langkawi. I saw the sings and decided to go. And when we arrived, they invided us to join ond a 2 hour Squid catch session. What fun!

We cought a couple, but is not so easy! You need a special light, hook or/and Scoop and good eye´s!

And there is an WEBSIDE about Squidfishing ;-)

Happy fishing and good training --- Kjell (I´m tired right now)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sorry, having trouble with the Internet ...

Sorry for my late Blogging and no E-Mails. We are having problems with the Internet. Sometimes it is there but slow and when I try to get online, I cann't.

This entry is from a different spot!
Have a great day --- Kjell

Long day on the bike

Today I had 180km bike plus 6km run on the schedule. The day started slow, but it turned out to be a fun trainingsession. I'm realy looking in forward to the race.

Happy training --- Kjell

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Halfironman Germany ...

I´m getting ready for my first race this season. My infos are coming through the internet and I just read that there are ´more than 500 registrations for the Halfironman Germany in just 5 hours. That is getting crazy!

Have a great day and get some training in --- Kjell

Daytrip to Penang ...

We arrived last night by ferry, Taxi and Bus in Penang (great infos: EMMES.NET). And today we try to find a place to print on my racesuite (successful) and maybe finding a bikestore (successful).
Finaly it was a long and good day in Penang. We took the ferry, the Bus and another ferry home today.
I done having this kind of trip on my day off. But I had the chance to do a lot of things, that needed to be done.
A big thank you to Emmes.
All the best --- Kjell

Sunday, February 04, 2007

18 days to go ...

Just 18 days to go for the Ironman Malaysia:

Please, let the 7th puncture be the last one!!!!
HAPPY training --- Kjell


Was die Fußballer nicht geschafft haben, setzten die Handballer im eigenen Land um. Deutschland ist nicht nur Weltmeister der Herzen, sondern auch wirklich Weltmeister!


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Team Handball World-Cup Final game ...

The Team Handball World Cup is hosted in Germany. The german Team is doing fantastic and is doing better that the soccer team ;-)
Today is the fina game: Poland vs. Germany

A great game --- Kjell

... bald ist es vorbei mit lustig ...

Der Platten Nummer 6 heute war für mich zuviel. Meine Nerven liegen nackt und verbrauchen Unmengen an Energie.
Nun habe ich keinen Ersatz mehr, beim nächsten Platten ist erstmal vorbei mit Lustig. Ich muss mir was überlegen. Die Schläuche die ich habe sind kaum bis nicht mehr "Flickbar"!
Zum Glück habe ich eine ganz lieb und hilfbereite Mom, die mir sofort 5 neue Schläuche von Deutschland zuschickt. Hoffe die kommen so schnell wie möglich an!
Ich drück die Daumen und bitte lass es Morgen und Übermorgen und sonst auch keinen Platten mehr geben. DANKE --- Viele Grüße Kjell

Friday, February 02, 2007

my little sister back home ...

My little sister Sinje is having fun with her new horse Hansa. The start was difficult. But now they start to have the real fun, I guess. The only thing that concerns is the weather. [the place]

All the best Sinje --- your brother Kjell

Thursday, February 01, 2007

le Tour de Langkawi [stage 1.] ...

Today was raceday on Langkawi. It gave me the big push, beeing tired after all the hours of training. It was the first stage of the Tour de Langkawi 2007.

the Start - watch it on YOUTUBE!

The finsh was fast and over in just a second like roadbike races allways. I will enjoy the rest of my restingday and have a long day on my bike tomorrow (180km).

Enjoy the little Startmovie and happy training --- Kjell