Sunday, June 29, 2008

Karaoke night 2004

"I went to Osaka as an ambassador for my City Hamburg. Osaka (Japan) and Hamburg (Germany) are sistercity´s, so Hamburg decided to I went to Osaka as an ambassador for my City Hamburg. Osaka (Japan) and Hamburg (Germany) are sistercity´s, so Hamburg decided to send me. One night we went out to an Karaoke Bar and had some fun. It was terrible I know, but thats Karaoke, most of the time." [YouTube: IronHamburger Channel] Stay happy --- Kjell


I call it "MAIL-ignorance" and it is a disease in our new communication world. I thought mails are on the way to be a formal medium, but no they are not. I´m in progress to organize my trips, my races, my visa and plenty other things. Some of them worldwide, so Mails are a great thing, I can do them whenever I want to. But recently I experienced that people do not reply my mails. Even if you disagree or you are bussy, there is allways a minute for a short sentence. I take the time and sometimes I have to write: "more later or sorry I´m very bussy right now!" And that is fine, much better than getting ignored. So lets get back and reply mails --- Kjell
PS: I found even 147 google hits for "MAIL-ignorance"!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Der Kona Kode
KKK: Den Kona Kode Knacken und eine Reise nach Hawaii gewinnen! Mehr
erfahren Sie unter! Ich wär sofort dabei, bin ja aber erst ne Woche später am Start --- Kjell

Crack the Kona code
Get online and check it out, if you get your Hawaii slot and get lucky you might win a ticket to! I would do it right away, but my start is a week later --- Kjell

Fun times

The promotion-week on Hawaii was fun and allot of stress at the same time. I´m getting ready to leave for Wiesbaden/Frankfurt to work for Biestmilch. We do some promtion arround the Ironman Germany. Some of the Biestmilch-Athletes will race and we have two favourites -Nicole and Chris - in the race for the victory. The trailers from our promotion in Hawaii made me smile. Have a look at "Chasing DHL up the hill" and "Meeting Chris McCormack running on Alii Drive". Good luck with the taper --- Kjell

Thursday, June 26, 2008

top 3 swimming drills

"Learn how to use "slow arm recovery," "quick catch" and "high swingers" to improve your swim stroke. is the leading online community for people who want to discover, learn about, share, register for and ultimately participate in activities about which they are passionate. Millions of active individuals visit each month to search and register online for races, team sports and recreational activities; interact with others who have similar interests; start online training programs; and access nutrition, fitness and training tips." [source: ACTIVEdotCOM] I makes sence, I gonna try these --- Kjell

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thank you

Thanks to Dennis W. from the PT Team for upgrading my bike and renewing all the overused parts. It was time. And I got some extra help from Rad&Servie Niendorf with my trainingwheels. Thank aswell, now I´m allmost set for bigger things. Getting ready to race again --- Kjell

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Got tested yesterday

Finaly, I got my first drug-test yesterday. So thats done, but honestly I had a hard time to p...! Well it worked finally and I´m glad that this is over with and I´m in the system, at least once for now. Happy p... --- Kjell

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Congratulations to Matt

Hey Matt!
Congratualtions on your finish. Its over with now. I remember one of the last Mails from you where you wrote me: "I wanna get this Ironman over with!" - Done! Enjoy the recouvery and hope to see you soon. Take it easy --- Kjell

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ironman Coeur d´ Alene

Today is the day - Ironman Coeur d´Alene. I hope everyone has a good and fun day. Matt keep it up. Happy feet --- Kjell


Today is one of those days. "Your traning is more limited by available time then how far you can run/bike/swim." [source: somewhere in the web] Doing my 180k today. Happy feet --- Kjell

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ironman Coeur d´Alene ...

... is on the way. And I have to thank you Ironman Coeur d´Alene for bringing me together with Blake. We met last year during the carboloading, where I brought here some cookies, because she was to lazy. Here brother Matt is getting ready to rock&roll on sunday. I hope the wind is going done, so the conditions will be nicer. not the happiest camper on earth - me last year finishing the race. the racelocation is a beauty, for sure
Matt relax now and kick it on sunday, remember: "For some sports you need a ball, for Triathlon you need two!" --- Kjell

Have a Quilt

I defently have enough t-shirts for an Keepsake Theme Quilt, but not the time to decide witch onces I wanna use. I´m sure my reaction will be close to this one: "My family and I will treasure this beautiful tshirt quilt forever. It is truly a "keepsake" in every sense of the word!!" - Jeanne Reynoldsburg, OH [source: Keepsake Theme Quilte] I counted the t-shirt I got this year, just for fun and I made it up to 9 shirts allready. I total I don´t know, probably arround 100. Enjoy --- Kjell

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I got my first good picture during the swim in a triathlon. My sister Sinje took this picture on the weekend. It was easier, because we where swimming twice arround a bridge at the beach in Niendorf - Baltic Sea. Have a fun swim --- Kjell

to much

I know for the majority it is hard to get, but this crazyness arround soccer drives me nuts. Ok, I´m not a big soccer fan anyways, but what is going one here back home is just way to much. The European Championships started the "flagging" (you see every other car with a german flag) again. There is a article in a german Magazin about the "flagging": "Köhler und Künast erfreut über Fahnenmeer!" [source:] Well it´s over soon --- Kjell

Monday, June 16, 2008

I got 3rd place today and a good ...

... weekend outcome. One 1st place in the Ostsee Triathlon and the 3rd place in the Hachede Triathlon. This is fun --- Kjell

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hachede Triathlon

Today is the Hachede Triathlon and I will race within it. I will see how my legs are from the race yesterday. Thanks to Dennis Wachter from projekt-triathlon for the invitation. It is his homerace and he is the Team Manager of the projekt-triathlon team. Lets see --- Kjell

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Good start ...

I won the Ostsee Triathlon. So it was a good start in my double weekend. But after 300 on the bike, the days before I´m tired and my legs hurt. Let´s see how the Hachede Triathlon goes today. Thanks to Biestmilch and the Booster, they get me kicked off and recouvered allot faster. Have a fun sunday --- Kjell

Friday the 13th

I made it through the friday the 13th! Uff that was a close call. I do not like this day at all.

Plus I will do the Ostsee Triathlon later in the day. We will see how that goes. Happy feet --- Kjell

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baltic Sea

I will jump in the Baltic Sea today. The expected watertemperatur is allright. Allot warmer than the water during the Ironman 70.3 Boise. Happy swimming --- Kjell

On the way to my Grandmo

Today, I will ride my bike to my grandmo. She is so excited to see me after 6 month. I´m too. I miss Blake allot. It will take me good 3 hour to get there and than I have to do another 15k running. My coach Peter wants to kick it, even with some races on the weekend. He is the boss. Thanks Peter. Happy training --- Kjell


This weather here in Hamburg is depressing. I got told it is summer, but now I have to wait for the poring rain to stop until I can start to ride to my grandmo. Please summer come back --- Kjell
PS: and it snowed in Moscow a few days ago, that is so crazy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cooking ... Kochen

Thanks to Biestmilch. They just did something fun, I was thinking about for quite a while, "Fastfood" but healthy. You can cook fast and healthy and the same time. Eat healthy --- Kjell

Monday, June 09, 2008

Back in Hamburg

It has beeing on the day 6 month I have not been home in Hamburg. I´m back and hope to see you all. Happy training --- Kjell

Friday, June 06, 2008


Got this quote from my good friend Sandy, who wins her agegroup on a constant base: "Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here, we
might as well dance." Have fun --- Kjell


I found this saying and it made me smile: "FOR SOME SPORTS YOU NEED A BALL, FOR TRIATHLON YOU NEED TWO!" [source: FACEBOOK-Triathlon group]
Do it --- Kjell

Thursday, June 05, 2008

over 3000

My trailer: "Chicken fight" just went over the 3000 views and I´m surprised. Thanks for watching --- Kjell

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Fund raising for a friend

Have a look and maybe you wanna do something: "Many of you know Dave Baigent and many of you do not. If you are an Australian triathlete you would know Dave from all the races around the country with his smiling face, caring heart and absolute love of this sport and the people in it. He is one of the souls of the earth and a very close friend of mine. ..." (source: Chris Macca) All the best --- Kjell

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

congratulations to chris

Congratulations to Chris Macca, He won the Halfironman on Hawaii. Have a good recouvery --- Kjell

Monday, June 02, 2008

What a day

That was a hard day. Not as long as an Ironman day, but I'm done and looking in foward for a nice massage, some good food and a little break. I had fun, even it was painfull. Here my numbers: 30th overall and 22nd pro SCHIOEBERG, KJELL swim-00:38:53 bike-02:32:16 run-01:23:20 total-04:37:57. But my Biestmilch helps. Thanks and a I hope to see you guys soon --- Kjell