Sunday, June 14, 2009

bad luck ...

I guess. Well my racing recently was filled with great moments. The good side of it is, I learn allot. And we will see how this hard race will effect my Ironman next sunday. I´m probably losing my toenail and that will not be fun for sunday.
Yesterday, the water war cold (15,5C) and I had a terrible swim. Hurt my bad shoulder at the start and than getting on my bike was a struggle. After freezing for a couple km I warmed up enough to ride solid. I wanted to take it easy on the "flat" section, so I do not kill myself on the big climbing. That was not the right desicion. I lost quite some time and I came of the bike, after that hard climb with a OK feeling. Than starting the run it the fog (at 4500F elevation!!!) was allright. I started hard right away and made up quite some spots and did some for my CDA motivation. Finished in 5:29h (24th out of 600), I know not the greatest, oh well --- Kjell

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