Saturday, April 20, 2013


As a former Professional Athlete and coach/mentor I am always amazed at why athletes choose their coaches. There are so many times that I would love to ask.

From what I have seen, the two biggest factors as to why an athlete chooses a coach are:

#1 - What the coach has accomplished as an athlete.

#2 - Who that coach is affiliated with.

While I can definitely see the sex appeal of going with someone who has raced at a high level, or knows the best of the best. Is this a sure bet that they are a good coach? Most definitely not.

Sometimes you get a great coach and a great athlete bundled into one, but most of the time this isn't the case.

For me, here are the qualities at the top of my list in a coach:

1) Communication. If I can't get a hold of my coach when I need to, things aren't going to work. I can create or find a training plan anywhere, this really isn't coaching.

2) Experience. Not as an athlete, but with other athletes who are of the same ability of where I currently am and where I want to be. Are they racing well? All of the above need to be a yes.

3) Education. I don't want to just blindly follow a plan. I want to know about the why. So a coach who can educate me while training me, is also important.

4) Open Minded. Different strokes for different folks. The same plan for a 140lb guy and a 190lb guy won't work. Does my coach recognize this?

5) Mental Consideration. Does the coach plan my training around what I thrive on and enjoy, or is it strictly one way. The coach needs to observe and listen to each athlete.

So my question to all of you is WHY do you choose the coach you have?

by: Blake Becker 

Very well said! --- Kjell

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