Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Our Chef de Cuisine in Action" ...

Thank you Biestmilch for the flowers.
"Ironhamburger: Our Chef de Cuisine in Action
If you are an athlete and you need a cook Kjell Schiöberg is the perfect choice. He is working with me in Kona, Hawaii since 4 years now. Ask athletes like Chris “MACCA” McCormack or Ronnie Schildknecht, his meals are just perfect, the variety is amazing, and everything is healthy and tasty.
You can pass by for dinner by surprise, Kjell is able to improvise fast and efficient. What I like so much about him is that he stays always calm regardless how many people are invading our place.
Last year in Kona he prepared our Biestmilch dinner for 30 people, it was sensational…
Kjell this video clip is especially for you!" [source:]
--- Kjell

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