Monday, July 06, 2009

Disrespect ...

After my three races on three weekends on three continents, I had some time to think about it. It was not very clever and Tim found the perfect words for it. We disrespected the Ironman. Beside the racing, all the traveling and stress takes so much out of you, that it is hard to be in the shape you need to be. We all learn from it and watching Frankfurt and Klagenfurt yesterday, was so much fun. I never had the thought: I would wanna race right now. That is a good sign that I need to take it easy. I did three Halfironman and two Ironman within three and a half month.
"I disrespected the Ironman" [by Tim Marr]
"I gave everything my body could today but it simply had nothing to give." [by Kieran Doe]
Cheers --- Kjell

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